Land Services

Meany & Oliver has more than 40 years of experience in site selection and disposition for investors and users. We have assembled, acquired and disposed of sites for developers and multinational corporate users throughout the country. In addition, we have extensive experience in disposing of REO land for national and local financial institutions.

Site Selection Services

One of the most important challenges facing an organization is choosing a viable business site. Meany & Oliver has the unique knowledge required to complete large scale land acquisitions and complex site selection assignments. We have worked with clients in the public and private sectors searching for office campuses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and recreation sites.

At Meany & Oliver, we are committed to helping our clients through every aspect of the decision-making process. Our services include a customized site selection strategy designed to meet individual client needs, desires and long-term goals. With the client’s goals foremost, Meany & Oliver provides the following services:

  • Market Analysis: A comprehensive market analysis providing information on competitive markets within the region, assessing property characteristics suitable to our client’s requirements, determining regional needs, and providing trend and forecast information to assist in pinpointing target areas for initial prioritization and focus.
  • Location Screening: Using our client’s project criteria, Meany & Oliver will identify a list of viable opportunities in all target markets. In addition to providing a map, detailed information and pertinent data on all potential sites for our client’s review, we leverage our extensive market knowledge to compile a list of potential stumbling blocks caused by existing ownership, entitlement, zoning, transit accessibility, and political atmosphere. Most importantly, we recommend solutions to overcome these hurdles.
  • Site Analysis Matrix: Sites are analyzed according to pertinent factors such as special site requirements, utility fees & capacities, area growth, land prices, proffers, incentives, employee housing trends, etc., and a comprehensive comparison of the potential sites is compiled. The result: as close to an “apples to apples” comparison as you can get in as variable a commodity as land.
  • Site Refinement and Visits: Site tours are conducted to narrow the list of potential opportunities. After visiting each site and listening to our client’s questions and concerns, Meany & Oliver fine tunes the information on the selected sites to determine the true cost of development. For example, we factor in costs related to political issues, timing, site plan approval, proffers, off site improvement costs, municipal incentives, APF, and financing options. After further analysis, we submit a list of “finalist” sites to the client.
  • Transaction Negotiation: We draft and present letters of intent on “finalists,” begin to negotiate terms, and develop at least one executed letter of intent. Meany & Oliver then helps negotiate and finalize a purchase contract for the property that meets all of our client’s needs and goals.

Distressed Commercial Opportunities

After more than 40 years in the business, out team has weathered multiple real estate cycles. We use our background to “read” the cycle a property is currently experiencing to better advise our clients on the correct timing for acquisition or disposition. As a result of our historical knowledge, we understand what market data is essential to review when analyzing distressed properties.

Broker Opinion of Value

Our team is often asked for our opinion on a particular commercial property’s current market value. To provide a well-substantiated opinion of value, we consult property owners, lending institutions, economic development authorities, and investors to gather the most up-to-date information on the specific submarket where the property is located. Then we help determine the best timing and pricing of the asset so that the ownership maximizes the return on their investment.