Government Real Estate Services

Perform Strategic Planning and Analysis

Meany & Oliver’s real estate advisory team will help your agency assess, develop, and implement a multi-year strategic plan. We will work closely with your staff to review your agency’s long term goals. We will perform a strategic analysis of your agency’s existing real estate portfolio, review current and projected needs, and provide an overview of potential costs of various real estate scenarios.

Compile Market Surveys and Site Selection Data

Meany & Oliver will perform a comprehensive market survey of potential sites. In addition, we will provide a detailed overview of local market conditions, rents, vacancies and trends.

Prepare Site Reviews

Meany & Oliver will complete a side-by-side comparison of potential sites with information on each location’s cost, strengths and weaknesses relative to other locations.

Analyze Feasibility

Meany & Oliver will analyze the results of all surveys, reports, and estimates and then compile a comprehensive report to determine the feasibility of your project.

Develop Solicitations for Offers

Meany & Oliver will develop a Solicitation for Offers (SFO) that outlines your agency’s minimum requirements, specifications and other factors needed to evaluate each site.

Review and Evaluate Offers

Once the offers are received, Meany & Oliver will evaluate each offer to make sure they are in compliance with the minimum requirements of the SFO. We will review and analyze economic factors, floor plans, safety and security requirements, and other pertinent information.

Offer Negotiation Strategies

Meany & Oliver will develop a comprehensive outline of negotiation objectives for each offer as well as for the overall requirement.

Negotiate and Review Best and Final Offers

On behalf of your agency, Meany & Oliver will negotiate with each qualified offeror. We will work with the potential landlords to resolve any deficiencies and help them create a Best and Final Offer. Once the final offers are received, we will perform a comprehensive analysis and comparison in a Price Negotiation Memorandum and make a recommendation based on the analysis and information provided.

Prepare Lease Documentation

Once a finalist is determined, Meany & Oliver will prepare all the required documents needed to receive the necessary approvals, including a lease, a copy of the SFO, lease riders, floor plans, and other pertinent information. We will then coordinate internal approvals to ensure timely lease execution. We will also prepare a lease summary and control book so that all parties, including end users, can verify that the documents are fair and complete. This summary may include: SFO review; building quality, efficiency, and security analysis; comparison of program requirements to test fit; financial analysis and occupancy cost projections based on lease obligations.