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Landlord Representation

Meany & Oliver's team of real estate professionals has been a leader in the Washington, D.C. market in landlord representation for more than 30 years. Meany & Oliver is a full-service firm equipped to handle all aspects of a project, from preliminary analysis through final negotiations. Through our landlord representation services, we:

• Analyze a client’s properties
• Assess current market conditions
• Develop a positioning strategy to minimize “lease-up” time and maximize returns
• Create aggressive leasing strategies to attract and retain high-quality tenants
• Negotiate transactions on behalf of our clients

Tenant Representation

The Meany & Oliver team brings a wealth of tenant representation experience to each project. Our depth of knowledge and experience is unmatched by other firms. This breadth of experience allows our clients to focus on their own business while we address every aspect of their project and ensure that their long-term strategic goals are met. Through our tenant representation services, we:

• Review current facilities
• Analyze long-term strategic goals
• Review and analyze the architect’s programming activities
• Assess current market conditions
• Identify potential sites
• Compare site alternatives from both financial and efficiency standpoints
• Negotiate the transaction

Advisory and Consulting Services

Meany & Oliver’s real estate advisory services help clients identify, assess, develop, and implement multi-year strategic plans. Leveraging our team’s substantial experience, each consulting project is tailored to the client’s individual circumstances and specific needs. Using this customized, long-range approach, we are able to help our clients maximize the value of their existing portfolios of real property. Through our advisory and consulting services, we:

• Provide strategic planning
• Review, analyze and value the existing portfolio
• Provide real estate market research
• Assess the current market value of each property
• Assess any redevelopment potential based on both economic and political circumstances
• Conduct a needs analysis of current and future real estate usage and project needs
• Perform a financial analysis of real estate alternatives
• Assist in recruiting qualified teams for joint development projects

Property Acquisition Services

Meany & Oliver’s acquisitions services provide clients with independent and unbiased analysis of potential commercial real estate purchases. Working closely with our clients, Meany & Oliver’s experienced advisors review opportunities and help our clients maximize the value of potential acquisitions. Through Meany & Oliver acquisition services, we:

• Perform property review & valuation
• Manage the acquisition process
• Negotiate contracts
• Review due diligence and settlement data

Government Real Estate Services

Meany & Oliver’s Government Real Estate Services team understands that federal and local agencies face unique challenges when addressing their facilities needs. Meany & Oliver’s experienced advisors can provide a menu of services to meet your individual agency’s needs.  Through our Government Real Estate Services team, we:

• Perform strategic planning and analysis
• Compile market surveys and site selection data
• Prepare site reviews
• Analyze feasibility
• Develop solicitations for offers
• Review and evaluate offers
• Offer negotiation strategies
• Negotiate and review best and final offers
• Prepare lease documentation

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Land Services

Meany & Oliver has more than 30 years of experience in site selection and disposition for investors and users. We have assembled, acquired and disposed of sites for developers and multinational corporate users throughout the country. Through our Land Services team, we:

• Perform market analysis
• Screen potential locations
• Create a site analysis matrix
• Refine site information
• Negotiate transactions
• Analyze distressed commercial opportunities
• Perform broker opinions of value

For more detailed information on the items above, please click on the following link: Land Services


Educational Services

Meany & Oliver provides real estate services to both public and private educational institutions. We develop innovative solutions the meet the unique needs of the educational institution. Members of the Meany & Oliver team have served on facility advisory councils of local school districts and charter schools. Our clients have included county school systems, charter schools, adult education providers and major universities. Through our education services team, we:

• Provide market analysis and financial feasibility studies
• Review and analyze users existing portfolio
• Conduct a needs analysis of current and future real estate usages and project needs
• Provide long term strategic planning
• Assist in site selection
• Perform a financial analysis of real estate alternatives
• Negotiating leases & contracts for land and facility acquisition
• Assist in formation of public / private partnerships
• Manage public participation, presentations and interface